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Renesas Electronics Acquires Apple Supplier, Dialog Semiconductor, for $5.9B

Renesas Electronics will acquire Dialog Semiconductor for $5.9 billion by the end of 2021. The merger substantially enhances its development capabilities.

Industrial IoT App Development

Whether you play a role in supply chain optimization, engineering, research & development, or design, it’s always helpful to know where industrial IoT applications are going, especially considerin

Sourcing in the Digital Age: An Interview with Sourceability's CEO Jens Gamperl

Sourceability's CEO Jens Gamperl provides insights into how the landscape of buying and selling electronic components is changing in the digital age. For that reason he created Sourcengine, an e-

DRAM Spot Prices Hit Two Year High Due to Global Chip Shortage

Spot prices for DRAM modules have reached their highest level in two years because of the global semiconductor shortage.

Intel CEO reiterates plans to create $94 billion chip manufacturing hub in Europe

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger reasserted the firm’s plans to establish a $93.9 billion chip fab in Europe by decades’ end.

Foxconn and Stellantis to form Mobile Drive, an advanced digital cockpit company

Foxconn and Stellantis are joining forces to form a new advanced digital cockpit company called Mobile Drive.